Words that would describe my work are, dark, funny and surreal. Absurdity is a characteristic part of my work and I use this to put the consequences of our western society in a different context. With this way of telling a story I want to challenge and trigger the viewer to think about these consequences. It’s very  important to me to be critical about the world around us. 

I like to bring my illustrations to life by adding movement to them. This movement is often very minimal.

Feel free to email me, for questions, collaborations and projects!

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Illustrator based in Utrecht, the Netherlands

2018 HKU Illustration (graduated)

2017 Internship TINKEBEL

2017 Internship Merel Corduwener

2013 HKU basis education

2011 Revius Lyceum te Wijk bij Duurstede

2019 Zimic theater


2018 HKU media

'I'm sure this is an graduation show'

2017 HKU media


2017 Academie galerij

'What on Earth'

2015 HKU loods

'Zwarte gat'